Shortlisted Delegates

2015 - Law Conferences

13th - 15th July 2015

Academic International Conference on Interdisciplinary Legal Studies

Annual Conference on Intellectual Property and Information Law

 Annual International Conference on Law and Policy 

1.      Dr. Musa Njabulo Shongwe, Researcher, University of Johanesburg, Cultural and Religious Relativism as Opposition to the Aims of International Human Rights Law: Revisiting the Universalism vs. Regionalism Debate.  

2.      Dr. Jacob Adeyanju, Lecturer, University of Lagos, Dr. Simeon OLADIPO (Co-Author),  Fidelity And Efficacy Of Implementing Universal Basic Education In Kwara State, Nigeria.

3.      Dr. Evuarherhe Veronica Abolo, Lecturer II, University of Lagos, Dr Sola Niyi Ayeomoni (Co-Author), Programs in Nigerian Higher Institutions and Graduates Unemployment.

4.      Mr. Lawal Tolu Ajayi, Lecturer, Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Participatory Rural Development in Ondo State: A Critical Assessment of the 3‘I’S Initiative in Owo Local Government, 2009 -2014..  

5.      Ms. Mohaddeseh Moheimani, Practicing Lawyer, Central Bar Association of Iran, Restricting the internet: the case of national laws.  

6.      Ms. Ummu Ibrahim, Ph.D Candidate, University of Ghana, “The spirit of supi has come to live with us”: Attitudes towards “same – sex” child sexual abuse in Ghana.  

7.      Dr. Jacob Adeyanju, Lecturer, University of Lag, Universal Basic Education Act in Nigeria: A Reality or Placebo?.  

8.      Dr. Nirmal Kumar, Associate Professor, Delhi University, Punishments in pre modern Rajasthan: some observations

9.      Dr. Aarti Tolia, Professor, Prahaldbhai Dalmia Lions College of Commerce & Economics, Social Networking Sites and Children: The Nix-Fix Legislation of India.  

10.   Ms. Sri Yogamalar Sinnathamby, Lecturer, Monash University Malaysia, That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. (Co-Author(s) : Abdul Majid Nabi Baksh, Juliana Angeline French and Seira Sacha Abu Bakar )

11.   Ms. Urmi Satyan Dave, Lecturer, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, New Ethnicity as the Product of Globalization: A Study of M G Vassanji’s Texts.  

12.   Dr. Anurag Kumar Srivastava, Assistant Professor, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Globalization and Socio- Economic Development: A Kaleidoscopic view of India’s Developmental Journey since 1991.  

13.   Dr. Ning Zhang, Lecturer, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Tax policy effects on FDI inflows in China: empirical anlaysis.  

14.   Ms. Apala Chaturvedi, Student, Symbiosis Law School, Shanu Jain (Co-Author), Rethinking the death penalty in terms of restorative justice- Is death penalty ever justified?.

15.   Ms. Madiha Kamal, Research Economist, University of Karachi, Differential Accumulation as Profitability Approach.

16.   Ms. Anushka Arora, Student, Guru Gobind Singh Inderprastha Uiversity, Medical negligence, the horrifying truth: An Indian perspective..  

17.   Dr. Milad Parniyani, PhD Student, Islamic Azad University, Laya Jabik (Co-Author) The necessity of fostering the hemispheres of the brain for historians with an emphasis on ultra-branch.

18.   Ms. Aqsa Rizvi, Student, Quaid-e-Azam University, Drugs, Crime and Society.  

19.   Prof. Mojtaba Javidi, Assistant Professor, University of Shiraz, Natural right or positivist right: Redefining the concept of "right" in Islamic Law.  

20.   Mr. Muhammad Danyal, Lecturer, Gillani Law College, Rational Approach Towards Women Rights In Islam.  

21.   Mr. Malav Patel, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Ethical Dilemma in Indian Corporate Social Responsibility.  

22.   Mr. Anant Joshi, Student, Hidayatullah National Law University, RAW: Lack of Statutory Regulations.  

23.   Ms. Harsimran Kalra, Asst. Professor, Jindal School of Government and Public Policy, Courting Social Change in Developing Countries - Exploring means to improve the court’s capacity in law and policy making.  

24.   Ms. Mahina Ghalib, Student, Lahore School of Economics, Prof. Syed Toqueer Akhter, Assistant Professor (Co-Author) Inter-jurisdictional Governance Coordination, Community Support and the Compliance with ILO 169 Convention on Indigenous Rights: Findings of a Cross Sectional Study of Indigenous People of Kalash Valley in Pakistan.

25.   Prof. Mojtaba Javidi, Assistant Professor, University of Shiraz, "Traditional justice" or "Real justice": Redefining the "Legal Justice" in Islamic Republic of Iran.  

26.   Prof. Justus Shokefun, Dean and Lecturer, National Open University of Nigeria, Olufunke Ayilara Aje-Famuyide (Co-Author), The open and distance learning as an instrument of protecting the right to access to education: The Nigerian Experience.

27.   Ms. Selin Pehlivan, PhD Student, Istanbul Bilgi University, Licensing: Orphan works’ way to a new home.  

28.   Mr. Pedro Simões, Masters Student, Universidade de São Paulo, Compliance as governance strategy for ethics enforcement and limitation of liability.  

29.   Ms. Samantha Smth, , , Kids with Kalashnikovs.  

30.   Dr. Jo Kehoe, Lecturer, Central Queensland University, The practical challenges of facilitating environmental laws: the role of rural organizations in Queensland Australia.  

31.   Ms. Waheeda Altaf, Student, Riphah International University Islamabad, Ms. Irum Rasool (Co-Author), Factors affecting inclination towards entrepreneurship among youth of Pakistan.

32.   Ms. Sarala Kapoor, Retired, Clinical Psychologist, Bangur Institute of Neurosciences, Erosion of censorship in clinical setting.  

33.   Dr. Kakali Ghoshal, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Budge Budge College, affiliated to University of Calcutta, Rarity of Law : Apad dharma.  

34.   Dr. Madhu Kapoor, Former Associate Professor of Philosophy, Vivekananda College, Thakurpukur, Defeating Humanity ? (An Ethico-Legal discourse).  

35.   Ms. Shachi Singh, LL.M. Student, South Asian University, Private International Law Issues in Cross-Border Surrogacy.  

36.   Ms. Sedef Sen, Professor, Yildiz Technical University, Prof. Murat Donduran, (Co-Author) Does stock market performance affect the government satisfaction rating in the United Kingdom?.

37.   Ms. Amira Aftab, PhD Student, Macquarie University, New Institutionalism and Sharia Law in the West.  

38.   Ms. Kurratul Ayin, Sr. Lecturer, Stamford University Bangladesh, An Overview of the Parents Maintenance Act, 2013: Limitations and Encumbrances to Face Global Population Aging Interaction; should there be a Law; Bangladesh Perspective.  

39.   Mr. Sujo Thomas, Assistant Professor, Ahmedabad University, Dr. P.K. Sinha, Professor and Dr. Ritesh Patel, Assistant Professor (Co-Author), The Legal Structure and Framework of Luxury Goods Market in India: Competitive or Restrictive Growth.

40.   Mr. Craig Paterson, PhD Candidate, Rhodes University, Old Worlds for New: Historical Methods, “Useable” History and Political Redress in Post-Apartheid South Africa.  

41.   Mr. Manick Wadhwa, Student, University of Delhi, Understanding the Impact of Smart Cities and the Need for Smart Regulations.  

42.   Mr. Umid Abidhadjaev, Ph.D Student, Keio University, Co-Author Dr. Naoyuki Yoshino, Dean, Asian Development Bank Institute; Dr. Victor Pontines, Research Fellow, Asian Development Bank Institute Impact Evaluation of Infrastructure Provision on Public Finance and Economic Performance: Empirical Evidence from Philippines and Uzbekistan.

43.   Ms. Swati Bisen, Student, Gujarat National Law University, Reservation Policy in the Lights of Principles of Equity.  

44.   Prof. Justus Shokefun, Dean and Lecturer, National Open University of Nigeria, Mrs. Olufunke Ayilara Aje-Famuyide (C0-Author) The Open and Distance Learning as an Instrument of Protecting the Right of Access to Education: The Nigerian Experience.

45.   Ms. Aastha Agnihotri, Student, Indraprastha University, Professor Simmi, Himachal Pradesh University, Professor Dept. of Public Administration  (Co-Author), Gender justice and Uniform civil code -a study of pluralistic laws and equalityin India.

46.   Ms. Soumya Sangita Sahoo, Doctoral Research Scholar, The English and Foreign Languages University, ‘Colonial Aggression or Microaggression’: A Critical Study of Australian Aboriginal Policies.  

47.   Prof. Shu-Yu Lyu, Professor, Taipei Medical University, A content analysis of media coverage of medical malpractice disputes in Taiwan.  

48.   Mr. Vijay Jayshwal, Teaching Faculty, Kathmandu School of Law, Post colonial Legality and its subsequent effects on Continuity of International law on South Asian Countries.  

49.   Ms. Tatiana Kelly, PhD Fellow Candidate, NUI Galway, The Curious Case of Tax Evasion: Analysis of Sanctions and Existing Problems.  

50.   Mr. Lucas Noyon, PhD Candidate, Dr. Jan de Keijser, Professor of Criminology (C0-Author) Leiden Law School, Rethinking Legitimacy of Criminal Justice : Bridging the Criminal Law – Criminology Divide..

51.   Ms. Devanshi Dalal, Student, Gujarat National Law University, Mr. Nisshant Laroia (Co-Author), Triumph over Evil' : An Economic Analysis of the Death Penalty in India.

52.   Ms. Meenakshi Kurpad, Student, West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Yogini Oke, Student, West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (Co-Author), Climate Change, Renewable Energy and the WTO: Seeking a balance through a Renewable Energy Agreement.

53.   Mr. Karamvir Chadha, Graduate Student, University of Oxford, Sexual Consent, Deception, and the Common Law of Rape.  

54.   Ms. Deergha Airen, Law Student, Hidayatullah National Law University, Miss Sanjana Roy (Co-Author), Rising threat of a debt crisis: a call for the odious debt doctrine.

55.   Ms. Corey Barr, Program Associate, Human Rights Education Associates, The Commodification of Intervention: The Example of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda.  

56.   Mr. Raph Manny Gregor Gasal, Graduate Student, University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP), Factors Influencing Job Preferences of Business Process Outsourcing Employees in Davao City.  

57.   Ms. Anushka Arora, Student, Guru Gobind Singh Inderprastha University, The Indian Jurisprudence w.r.t. IPR and Competition Laws- Flaws in Present Scenario to Overcome.  

58.   Ms. Leah Angela Robis, Research Postgraduate Student (DPhil), The University of Hong Kong, The Role of Media in Maintaining the Equilibrium of Intergovernmental Relations (Additional Papers : Balancing the Freedom of Expression and the Right of Accused to the Presumption of Innocence and Fair Trial: Is Social Media Game Changer?)

59.   Dr. Vijay Oak, Assistant Professor, V.P.Law College, Patent Regime & Right to Health.  

60.   Ms. Miti Shrivastava, Student, Hidayatullah National Law University, Patent Law In India: The Alloys Wobben’s Case.

61.   Dr. Tesh Dagne, Assistant Professor, Thomson Rivers University Faculty of Law, The Intersections of 3D Printing Technology with Intellectual Property Law.  

62.   Dr. Corinna Coors, Senior Lecturer, University of West London, Opinion or defamation? Limits of free speech in online customer reviews in the digital era.  

63.   Ms. Vinita Krishna, Doctoral Scholar, Indian Institute of Technology, Compulsory Licensing: A Tool for Balancing Technology Transfer and Social Welfare.  

64.   Mr. Cihan Ayana, Student of Master, Naval War Academy, The Enforcement Jurisdiction of the Flag States in the Law of the Sea.  

65.   Ms. Sreyashi Ghosh, Junior Research Fellow, Indian Statistical Institute, Manufacturing 'Docile Bodies'- A discourse on Differential Gender Socialization in India and the Germination of Subculture of Tolerance (towards violence) among Women..  

66.   Dr. Laviniu Florin Usvat, Researcher, Post Doctorate researcher of the Romanian Academy, The European Referendum.  

67.   Mr. Stephen Daly, Doctoral Candidate and Tutor, University of Oxford, Legitimate expectations in tax law: A damp squib?.  

68.   Mr. Martins Ishaya, Lecturer, National Open University of Nigeria, Legal perspective of Almajiri system of alms begging in Northern Nigeria.  

69.   Mr. Mulumba Tshilenge, Coordinator and Human Rights Officer, Christ Border Free, Refugees have rights to live in South Africa..  

70.   Dr. Vijay Oak, Assistant Professor, V.P.Law College, Sustainable Development: A Comparative Judicial Response In Developed and Developing Countries.  

71.   Mr. Naveen Jain, Law Student, O.P. Jindal Global University, Workability of class ction Suits in India, Paradoxes - Will interest of have nots succeed in India?

72.   Mr. Manvendra Jadon, Student, National Law University, Animesh Anand Bordoloi (Co-Author),  Unification of Legal Systems of World and the role of ICJ.

73.   Ms. Annweshaa Laskar, Student, National Law University Assam, Manash Pratim Hazarika (C-Author),  Use of force under the United Nations Charter: An analytical study..

74.   Dr. (Mrs.) Ashish Virk, Assistant Professor, Panjab University, Dr. Aman A. Cheema (Co-Author), Regional Centre, Learners without eyesight but vision : However does the Indian Educational Law have the spectacle? A Study.

75.   Mr. Ali Ahmed Aamir, Student, Lahore School of Economics, Prof. Syed Toqueer Akhter, Assistant Professor (Co-Author), Reciprocity and Interdependence in Bilateral Ties between Pakistan and India: A Game Theoretic Explanation..

76.   Mr. Sangeen Khan, Student, Lahore School of Economics, Prof. Syed Toqueer Akhter, Assistant Professor (Co-Author),An integrated goal programming interpretation of conflict and insurgency In balochistan: Theoretical Algorithm, Empirical Estimates and the Parameterization Analysis.

77.   Ms. Dolly Mishra, Research Scholar, Central University of Gujarat, The Impact of Globalization on Women Trafficking in India.  

78.   Ms. Ilaria Di Gioia, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Birmingham City University, The states’ sovereignty movement in the US: ideology, legal grounds and business interests.  

79.   Mr. Radley Henrico, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Johannesburg, South Africa, Religious Discrimination in the Workplace in South African Labour Law.  

80.   Mr. Akshay Goel, Student, Hidayatullah National Law University, Miti Shrivastava, Student (Co-Author), International Criminal Tribunal of the Former Yugoslavia on Sexual Violence.

81.   Ms. Eunji Kim, Graduate Student, Seoul National University, Different Nuclear Supply of North Korea and Libya.  

82.   Mr. Saif Rasul Khan, Student, Government Law College, Gender, Religion And Sexuality: The Indian Perspective.  

83.   Prof. Simon Uchenna Ortuanya, Professor of Law and Head of Depaetment, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Avoiding Human Rights Armagiddon:The Imperative of Cultural Relativism.  

84.   Ms. Gopika Raghu, Student, Symbiosis Law School, Nidhy raghu (Co-Author), Challenges of tribal woman in kerala.

85.   Mrs. Angelica Rutherford, PhD Researcher, University of Liverpool, Energy development and the clash of securities.  

86.   Mr. Abu Saleh, LL.M Student, South Asian University, Using BITs to Litigate Doha Flexibilities on Pharmaceutical Patent Accorded for Member States: A Case Study of Bangladesh.  

87.   Mr. Shuvra Dey, Student, South Asian University, Title: Developing Jurisprudence on the Treatment of Arbitral Award: An Evaluation in the Context of Expropriation

88.   Ms. Shrishma Dandekar, Student, Gujarat National Law University, . Mr. Ambrish Tewari (C0-Author) Impact of the Intellectual Property regime under India-EU FTA on Indian Pharmaceutical Industry- A Law and Economics Dimension.

89.   Ms. Indulekha Thomas, Student, National Law University Jodhpur, Reforming the ISDS mechanism: Bringing Sustainability to the Table.  

90.   Dr. Masood Ahmed, Lecturer in Law, University of Leicester, A Critical Review of the Merits Principle in Civil Mediation.  

91.   Ms. Aastha Agnihotri, Student, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Role of Trade Unions in India -A Critical Analysis.  

92.   Ms. Meenakshi Kurpad, Student, West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Yogini Oke, Student (Co-Author), Islamic Finance in India: Establishing Legal and Regulatory Framework. Additional Paper : Climate Change, Renewable Energy and the WTO: Seeking a balance through an Renewable Energy Agreement

93.   Ms. Sunayana Sasmal, Student, National Law University, India's Perplexity with the Armed Forces Special Powers Act- the draconian law that needs refashioning..  

94.   Ms. Ezgi Fulya Akkuş, Research Assisstant, Afyon Kocatepe University, VIOLATION TO WOMEN: A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS.  

95.   Mr. Vaibhav Kartikeya Agrawal, Student, School of Law, Tortious Liability of Government in India.  

96.   Mr. Dariusz Szawurski-Radetz, PhD Student/Judge's assistant, University of Warsaw, Legal practice in applying the European Enforcement Order for uncontested claims from Poland’s judiciary perspective.  

97.   Mrs. Nesrin Unlu, PhD Candidate, University of California (UCSB), LAW AND RELIGIOUS IDENTITY: Discussions Alongside the Turkish EU Path.